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Luxe Realty Sales
Luxe Realty Sales

The sale of luxury residential homes is, in many ways, more similar to the sale of REO and distressed assets than the sale of the average resale. At The Mercury Alliance, we believe this very strongly!

We believe in, and practice, pro-active marketing of luxury homes, co-ops and condominia through a variety of proven marketing methods designed to foster the interest of non-traditional purchasers and investors. Each asset is carefully analyzed to determine the potential market before positioning it in the local MLS and luxury outlets. While local buyers may apparently be the best target market audience, our proven methods, utilizing state-of-the art internet searches and our connections around the country and indeed, the world, offer a new opportunity for sellers in the markets we serve.

Moreover, our partnership with the LFC Companies, and specifically, our co-ownership in The Freedom Realty Exchange, (www.fre.com) offers our clients the latest and most advanced application of worldwide Internet Sealed Bid and Real Time Auctions specifically created to enhance net sales executions by reaching more buyers: locally, regionally, nationally and/or internationally, depending on the property.

If you have a luxury property to sell and you are dissatisfied with current proposals to sell your home or property, please ask for Mr Di Mercurio who will provide you a confidential assessment and marketing Proposal.

  Mission Statement of The Mercury Alliance, LLC:

To develop, implement and monetize specialized real estate strategies of benefit to investors/clients focused on liquidity and the time-value of money.

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